1. How can I connect with other attendees and speakers before and during the event? 
    Via Social Media, by using the hashtag #mosaix2022.
  2. What's the difference between Pre-conference Intensives and Main Conference Workshops?
    Pre-conference intensives allow more time for in-depth discussion, relational connection, and interactive engagement with others of similar interest in current topics. Each of the sessions (I & II) are 2 hours in length and facilitated by a panel of practitioners. Switch from one intensive to another at the break or remain in one for the full four hours.
    NOTE: This year, some intensives will require prior registration and participants to complete work before the conference. Main conference workshops are more traditionally instructive. They are programmed for 65 minutes and typically leaders allow for 20 minutes or so of Q&A.
  3. How many workshops will I have the opportunity to attend?
    4 in total... Two on Wednesday and two on Thursday.
  4. What happens during a Plenary session?
    Among other things, each of the 6 plenary sessions features outstanding worship and 5 speakers presenting in 8- and 16-minute blocks of time.
  5. What can I expect from the speakers?
    Each and every speaker is a committed and passionate Christ-follower that is known personally to Mosaix leadership and aligned with the Lausanne Covenant. They come from a wide variety of cultural and contextual backgrounds, varying denominational and network affiliations, and perspectives that will not likely alway align with yours...men and women alike. Expect, then, to be encouraged, inspired, and (yes) challenged to remain engaged with speakers with whom you are not otherwise accustomed to being in the same space. That said, and to be more precise:
    a) In Plenary sessions, speakers are asked and expected to remain true (in their remarks) to the theme and broad purposes of the conference.
    b) In pre-conference intensives and main conference workshops, speakers have more latitude to express themselves more freely while still asked and expected to remain true (in their remarks) to the title and description associated with their specific intensive or workshop.
    c) In private conversations, of course, a speaker will say whatever is on his or her mind to someone or a group of people, appropriate to the unique context of any existing relationship(s) or, in the moment, the purpose of an interaction or question asked, etc.
    NOTE: With such things in mind, we encourage people that are easily triggered, offended or otherwise equate being in the same space with others of different opinion with a compromise of their faith should carefully evaluate the merits of attendance before purchasing a ticket.
  6. Will ticket prices increase over time?
    Yes... That's why we recommend you buy tickets at the currently advertised rate.
  7. If I bring my team, is there a discounted price for groups?
    Absolutely! Click this link and scroll down for Group Registration and pricing.
  8. Can I transfer, cancel for refund or sell my ticket?
    a) Tickets are transferable... again, just let us know the name and email of the person to whom you wish to transfer your ticket.
    b) A full refund (minus $25 administration costs) will be given for tickets cancelled prior to May 1, 2022. Refunds are not available after that date for cancelations or "no-shows." if you need to cancel your ticket prior to May 1, just let us know.
    c) Selling a ticket to someone else is not allowed.
  9. Can I switch my registration for in-person attendane to registration for the virtual conference?
    Functionally, we are unable to accommodate this request. To attend virtually, however, you can sign-up at no additional cost (beyond the service fee) using a special code. To do so, reply to the email confirmation of your in-person ticket purchase sent by Brushfire and indicate your desire or need to switch. Soon after, you will receive an email with the special code and link for virtual registration.
  10. If I switch my registration from in-person to virtual conference attendance, can I receive a refund on the difference in pricing?
    See 8. above. Functionally, we are unable to accommodate this request.
  11. How will you handle refunds if the conference is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances?
    In the event of unforeseen circumstances that causes the conference to be cancelled, Mosaix will issue a full refund for tickets purchased.
  12. Are children welcome?
    You bet, if necessary. That said, formal childcare is not provided or otherwise available at the conference.
  13. What options are available for lunch/dinner during the conference?
    Food trucks are onsite throughout the conference as most people remain on campus during lunch (Wednesday & Thursday and dinner (Wednesday night) to take advantage of Extra Hours Activities and networking opportunities. Local restaurants are nearby, within a 5-10 minute drive. To be clear, meals are not included in the price of admission.
  14. In light of COVID-19, what are your policies?
    Of course, health and safety remains for us all a concern, even as we continue to trust and pray that the COVID-19 pandemic will soon end. In the months leading up to the conference, Mosaix will closely monitor ongoing developments. At the time of the events, we will follow federal (CDC), state (Texas), county (Tarrant) and city (Keller) guidelines such as they may or may not exist. Beyond that, we will encourage and expect attendees to do what they deem best (given the context of their own personal health and convictions) while remaining mindful of others, as otherwise expected by the Apostle Paul and modeled by Jesus Christ. (Philippians 2:3-11)