Kids, Youth & Collegiates

Learn promising practices for providing children, students, and families with the Christ-centered environment and experiential knowledge they need to effectively navigate and shape current culture.

Session A - Wednesday, Nov 9 (10:45a)
Establishing Kingdom Values • Lauren Carrión
Kingdom values, changing demographics, and a commitment to multiethnic ministry is bringing culturally and ethnically diverse children/families to your church. But do your volunteers, programs, and curriculum represent a church for all people? Join Lauren to consider different ways to promote and support a spirit of inclusion throughout your children's ministry.

Session B - Wednesday, Nov 9 (1:30p)
A Safe Place for Every Race • DJ Coleman
In this session, DJ will share practical insights and provide promising tools to help your church create, develop, and ensure a safe place for children, students, and young adults of every race. Only then can they grow in their knowledge of God, love for Him, and love for one another.

Session C - Thursday, Nov 10 (10:45a)
Navigating the Conversations • Dorena Williamson
It's imperative that churches help children anchor their lives in the goodness, mercy, and love of God that exists for all people and generations. Join Dorena to consider proven insights that can help you plan for and navigate necessary conversations with children on race and justice flowing from grace and truth.

Session D - Thursday, Nov 10 (1:30p)
Making Faith Matter Raymond Chang & Jane Hong-Guzman de Leon
It’s estimated that over 1 million young people are likely to walk away from the American Church each year. ‍But it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be this way. In this session, Raymond, Lisa, and Jane, will share research-informed, biblically based strategies to help your church more effectively engage and disciple young people.