Cultural Intelligence

Explore the why and what of CQ® (Cultural Intelligence) as a necessary skill for relating effectively with people from different backgrounds and learn how to build CQ® capacity in your church or organization.

Session A - Wednesday, Nov 9 (10:45a)
Leading Difficult Conversations • Dave Livermore
The church is uniquely positioned to provide insight, truth, and hope to those today divided by race, politics, culture, gender, and more. In this workshop, Dave will explain how CQ® can improve your approach to multicultural ministry and help you bridge divides between people that hold vastly different views within.

Session B - Wednesday, Nov 9 (1:30p)
Team Alignment via CQ® • Graham McKeague
In what ways can CQ® assessment and training advance understanding between diverse people on your staff and align them in mission? In this session, Graham will focus on the how and what of implementing CQ® training and assessment within your church or faith-based organization and share practical tips for getting started.

Session C - Thursday, Nov 10 (10:45a)
CQ® Nuts & Bolts • Harry Li
Looking for a tool to help your congregation become more authentically welcoming of diverse others? CQ® is a unique, encouraging, and data-driven approach that is biblically grounded and practically helpful. Join Harry to consider the nuts and bolts of CQ® assessment and training for your church or faith-based organization.

Session D - Thursday, Nov 10 (1:30p)
The 4 CQ® Capabilities • Carol Gray
Why do we see, think, or act in certain ways while others do so differently? Understanding the four CQ® capabilities is helpful in both personal and work-related relationships. Join Carol to explore specific differences measured by the CQ® assessment and learn how such insight can help you better navigate complexities.