Empowering Leaders

Discuss the why, how, and what of taking intentional steps to build or become part of a healthy multiethnic staff team.

Session A - Wednesday, Nov 9 (10:45a)
Systems, Structures & Paradigms • Yucan Chiu
Join Yucan to explore the journey on which the Spirit has been taking Stadia Church Planting in becoming an organization for all cultures, socioeconomic groups, and modalities of planting. While far from having arrived, Stadia has already made significant changes at the systemic, structural, and paradigmatic levels of the organization. Come gain the transferrable principles for application in your own ministry context.

Session B - Wednesday, Nov 9 (1:30p)
Building Round TablesDeb Walkemeyer
Maximizing church and community impact requires building a team in which the strengths of diverse individuals work synergistically. In this workshop, Deb will draw on lessons learned from multiethnic church ministry and community engagement to help you learn how to identify, engage, recruit, and empower leaders in their sweet spot of contribution.

Session C - Thursday, Nov 10 (10:45a)
Staffing for Inclusion • Jason Davila & Ray Chang
Imagine being part of a staff team where diverse individuals function in the strength of their gifting, model mutual respect, and share responsible authority. In this session, Jason and Ray will share promising practices and practical advice to help you build and/or join a multiethnic staff committed to equity and inclusion.

Session D - Thursday, Nov 10 (1:30p)
Catalyzing Vision via Your Team • Ryan Kwon
How can you advance the vision to establish a healthy multiethnic church, bring a diverse team together, and see them one day fulfill it for the sake of the Gospel? Join Ryan to learn how to forge new DNA, create excitement, and lead your team beyond rhetoric to results.