Fears & Tensions

Discuss hot topics and the intersectionality of biblical truth, the local church, power dynamics and more, as either help or hindrance to Christian witness in today's pluralistic and polarized society. 

Session A - Wednesday, Nov 9 (10:45a)
Trauma-impacted Ministry • Joy Kirkland
The multicultural contexts in which we minister are increasingly impacted by harmful and traumatic experiences, both individual and collective. In this session, Joy will share partial insights and key characteristics of trauma-sensitive ministry that can help your church enhance healing efforts, safeguard those affected, and protect ministry workers from burnout.

Session B - Wednesday, Nov 9 (1:30p)
Bridging Political & Racial Divisions • Dr. David Anderson & Dave Heiliger
As racial and political tensions ebb, flow, crescendo and collide, pastors have seen some of their most faithful members running to the exits in recent years. In this workshop, David and Dave will address the keys to helping your multicultural body stick together while divisive forces attempt to pull it apart.

Session C - Thursday, Nov 10 (10:45a)
The Healing Power of LamentSoong-Chan Rah
When confronting the dysfunctional narrative of Christian Nationalism, we must begin with the identification of the diseased imagination that first formed it. Join Soong-Chan to examine the corporate trauma of white American Christian Nationalism and how lament may provide a necessary theological corrective and counter-narrative to the broken narratives.

Session D - Thursday, Nov 10 (1:30p)
Building Beloved Community • Michael Traylor & Chip Freed
Many leaders desire for their churches to become more culturally, socially, and ethnically diverse. Yet while managing to bring diverse people groups under one roof, in too many churches these remain (in both structure and function) separate, unrelated communities. Join Michael and Chip to identify challenges to building beloved community and determine ways to overcome them.