Leading Worship

Consider the why and what of creating a dynamic worship experience in a multiethnic environment and how to unite diverse others as one before the Lord in passion, spirit, and voice.

Session A - Wednesday, Nov 9 (10:45a)
Turning the Kaleidoscope • Clarissa McNeill
Multiethnic churches are beautiful kaleidoscopes of cultures and ethnicities. As worship leaders, we bear responsibility and have opportunities to reflect that beauty on our platforms and in our services. In this session, Clarissa will share practical steps for creating worship experiences that celebrate the unique unity and diversity of your congregation.

Session B - Wednesday, Nov 9 (1:30p)
Building the Culture via Discipleship • Justin Spann
Developing a culture of multiethnic worship requires worship leaders to both shepherd and unite diverse individuals blessed with various gifting. Join Justin to gain practical insights that can help you better develop such a culture and create opportunities for those you serve to be discipled for long-term impact in your church.

Session C - Thursday, Nov 10 (10:45a)
Preaching to a Multicultural Audience • Ikki Soma
Most seminaries teach pastors to preach through the lens of a single cultural style. But if preaching is to connect with diverse people, preachers will have to expand their understanding and capacity. In this workshop, Ikki will explain how to combine different cultural styles of preaching to connect with a multicultural audience more effectively.

Session D - Thursday, Nov 10 (1:30p)
Making Room at the Table • Jason Best & Emily Flack
Corporate worship is both an invitation to the Father’s table and an extension of it. How can leaders learn to lay down privilege, power, and preferences to invite and inform a more diverse expression of worship in our churches? Join Jason and Emily to consider the application of radical hospitality to facilitate worship.