SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4 (8:30 AM - 4:15 PM)


Christ Community Church

820 Randall Rd., South Elgin, IL




Feedback from the 2022 National Conference surfaced a need to:

> To experience the personal encouragement, connect with others of like-mind, and access the specialized equipping that Mosaix delivers to ministry leaders, more than once every three years.

> To bring their entire staff teams as well as key lay leadership to an in-person experience with Mosaix.

For this reason, these events are scheduled to take place on Saturdays.

Food trucks onsite for lunch purchase

  • $59 per ticket (groups of 10+)
  • $69 per ticket (groups of 2-9)
  • $79 per ticket

These 1-day events mimic the Thursday schedule of Mosaix’ triennial National Conference

  • Plenary I (worship; two 8-minute talks and three 16-minute talks)
  • Workshops A (choose from 5 to attend)
  • Lunch (with opportunities for networking)
  • Workshops B (choose from 5 to attend)
  • Plenary II (worship; two 8-minute talks and three 16-minute talks)

In sailing, tacking is a maneuver used by mariners to keep a ship moving when winds have shifted from back to front and it’s otherwise unable to make forward progress. Similarly, cultural winds have shifted in our lifetime and for all intent and purposes our boat, the collective witness of the church, seems dead in the water. Why? In part because church sails remain fixed for past winds while ministry leaders wait in hope they’ll soon again shift. But they won’t. Those days are gone. We are no longer sailing with the wind at our backs... Cultural winds are against us. In order to advance the gospel, the local church, and the kingdom of God in this day and age as well as in years to come we need now to swing the boom. Indeed, we must tack to the wind. And that's what these events are all about.

For those in need of lodging, contact the Fairfield Inn & Suites (+1 630-845-5500). Tell them you are with Christ Community Church and give them the corporate code: ZZCHURCHJOHN. King size beds are all that are available: $104 a night + tax with the code.


PLENARY I SPEAKERS (Morning, 8:30a - 10:25a)

Mark Jobe
Jonatan Alarcon
Jacqueline Arellano

Rasool Berry
Dorena Williamson
Mark DeYmaz

PLENARY II SPEAKERS (Afternoon, 2:40p - 4:15p)

Karen Dowling
Daniel Yang
Santes Beatty

Joyce Dalrymple
Hanibal Rodriguez

WORKSHOPS A (Morning, 10:50a - 11:55a)

ouR Work: Leading with Kingdom-focused Cultural Responsiveness
Karen Dowling
To authentically address  the earthly and eternal worth of neighbors who are diverse in a variety of ways, we should engage building blocks for cultural responsiveness and belonging. In this workshop, Karen will explore the concept of the PIVOT and discuss ways to lead in our ministries with Christlikeness, clarity, and collaboration.

God in the Midst of Beauty & Pain
Hanibal Rodriguez
The transition of a church from homogeneity to multiethnicity is both beautiful and painful. Join Hanibal to learn the story and trace God’s hand in gradually leading a majority white, mega-church to become multiethnic. Come consider practical theology and gain insights that can help your own church make a similar transition.

Juneteenth: Faith and Freedom
Rasool Berry
Faith and Freedom is an unscripted documentary that invites viewers into the story of Juneteenth, to learn how Scripture inspired the faith of enslaved people, and more about the holiday from the direct descendants of those liberated. In this workshop, Rasool will facilitate discussion together with Michael Owen from Our Daily Bread. Come screen a portion of the film and following discussion, consider how to leverage it within your own church or organizational context.

Christian Discipleship, Racial Justice, and the Multiethnic Church
David Swanson
Too often our churches have separated the responsibility of making disciples from the ministry of racial reconciliation and justice. This session will show that discipleship and racial reconciliation must be held together and identify some of the steps each of our ministries can take to do just that, no matter the cultural context.

Parables of Jesus for the Multiethnic Church
Joyce Koo Dalrymple
The parables of Jesus contain wisdom for how to build a multiethnic, economically diverse, and socially just church. Jesus’ grace-filled teachings radically challenged the power structures and traditions of “religious” people during His day. Join Joyce to consider the parables of Christ through the lens of how to apply them to the context of a multiethnic church today.

The Double Impact Church
Mark Jobe
In an increasingly secular post-Christian America the “City on a Hill Church” will be key. The double impact of Bold Evangelism and Bold Community engagement will be crucial for the church of this coming generation. Discover how a double impact approach helped a small urban church go from 18 people to ministering to thousands each week, feeding 3 million people during Covid and planting dozens of life-giving multiethnic churches.

WORKSHOPS B (Afternoon, 1:15p-2:20p)

Truth For All Generations
Dorena Williamson
As families wade through currents of injustice, children are also adrift in a culture full of lies that seek to bring them down. In this session, Dorena will call leaders to God's truth that endures for all generations and focus on strategies to keep young hearts anchored to the unfailing love of God.

Understanding and Improving Your Cultural Intelligence
Harry Li
How can we authentically engage and more competently interact with diverse others? Faith-based application of an assessment known as CQ® (Cultural Intelligence) provides unique, encouraging, and data-driven understanding that is both biblically grounded and practically helpful. Join Harry to learn more about this tool and how it can help you measure and improve your own CQ® cand/or that of your organization.

Leveraging the Collective Might of the Church in NextGen Spaces
Santes Beatty
Could being young and in school be an asset whereby students can contribute in ways adults can't? Join us for a disruptive conversation sharing stories, examples, and tools every leader needs to know to resource students ready to take the reins of the Multiethnic Church Movement beyond their local church and into the public square.

Partnering with Latinos and Latino Churches
Jacqueline Arellano
Representing nearly one out of every six adults, and with four out of five identifying as Christians, Latinos are not only influencing America today but forging the future of Christianity. In this workshop, Jacqueline will highlight their growing impact and discuss how non-Latino churches today can engage and partner with them.

The Global Church Sprouting from American Soil
Daniel Yang
God is offering a gift in the form of the Global church to offset the ethnocentrism, consumerism, and syncretism that tries to work against the gospel. In this workshop, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how evolving demographics are affecting our understanding and practice of mission in North America. In this session, Daniel will outline skills pastors, church leaders, and ministry professionals should be developing to engage in this new cultural moment through fostering global, multi-ethnic, and missional communities of faith.

Representation and Safety: Developing and Stewarding Multiethnic Worship Teams
Aaron Andries
In our desire to have our worship teams reflect a multiethnic vision, it’s important to build a culture of safety for those of ethnically diverse backgrounds. In this workshop, Aaron will discuss the importance of elevating diverse voices, creating visibility, and developing trust and safety with our worship teams.